Problem Roulette - Problem Solving Practise


UX Research and Design, User Testing


Jaee Apte, Mike Wojan


University of Michigan


Dec 2016 - Present


Problem Roulette is a 'quick-drill' problem solving practise tool used by students of STEM courses to prepare for exams. Problem Roulette wants to expand to a collaborative study tool and also get a UI update without losing the "effectiveness and simplicity" of the current interface.


We had a two part solution for the new version of Problem Roulette. First part involved conducting usability evaluation of the existing interface and giving it a UI redesign. Along with that, the more long term design involved including a group collaborative environment in its existing architecture. As a part of this redesign, we also look at the staff interface which is used by instructors to generate problem sets.

Problem Roulette Usability Evaluation

We started our analysis by conducting a usability evaluation of Problem Roulette's current interface and interviewing past users. Here are some of the observations we made:

I made a preliminary wireframe for the UI redesign:

Beyond UI Redesign

Meanwhile, we are also redesigning the information architecture (IA) of the tool to incorporate collaborative problem solving into Problem Roulette. With collaborative environment, group dynamics come into picture and designing inter-group interactions and motivations is the biggest challenge ahead of us.